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Managing Change and Productivity in a Crisis

As the COVID-19 pandemic evolves, many companies are still facing a once-in-a-lifetime challenge, one that will change our way of working and collaborating for quite some time. Are you navigating through managing teams virtually on a large scale, or looking for ways to optimize productivity and ensure effective communication with your teams? Below is a list of useful resources and tips to support you during this time.


Resources on Remote Working:

  • Addressing Technological Needs to Enable Working from home is the Easy Bit, it is the Human Element we Need to Emphasise. Read more.
  • Prepare Your Employees for Working from Home (Tips Sheet). Read more.
  • Mind the Remote Gap! 6 Ways to Effectively Manage Remote Employees. Read more.
  • The End to Working Remotely? Why Yahoo and IBM are Wrong. Read more.

Resources on Virtual Meetings:

  • Building Creative and Critical Thinking When Working Remotely (Tips Sheet). Read more.
  • How to Organize Better Virtual Meetings. Read more.
  • 8 tips for More Effective Virtual Meetings. Read more.
  • How to Fix a Broken Virtual Team. Read more.
  • Building Resilient Teams When Working In A Virtual Space. Read more

Resources on Change Management and Communication:

  • Change Management and Digital Transformation (Tips Sheet). Read more.
  • Managing Change in Times of Uncertainty (Tips Sheet) Read more.
  • How to Communicate Efficiently in a Time of Crisis (Tips Sheet) Read more. 
  • Managing Stress in Ever-Changing Situations (Tips Sheet). Read more.
  • How a Corporate Language Can Clear Up Your Communication. Read more.
  • Why a New Crisis Calls for New Leadership. Read more.

Find more useful content about:

  • Digital transformation
  • Soft skills
  • Global mobility
  • Team management
  • The Modern Learner
  • and more…


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